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I'm a terrible trumpet player.
Ray Stevens 

“If a gang member for example walked from his property onto a footpath from his car wearing his patch, that's breaking the patch ban, its ludicrous.”
Ray Stevens

I moved to Atlanta for my senior year in high school. and met Bill Lowery, a
music publisher. He was the on-air announcer for all the Georgia Tech football game
broadcasts and quite a radio personality. He had also started a music publishing company
and began encouraging all of the talent around Atlanta to write so that he could publish
their songs. Guys like Jerry Reed and Joe South were getting their start at the same time.
I went out to Mr. Lowery’s house, and I said, “My name is Ray Ragsdale, and I'm going to
write songs for you.” He said, “Okay lad, go to it.” Amazingly, when I brought him my first
one, he actually liked it. He had some connections and got me a recording contract when I
was still only seventeen and still in high school.
Ray Stevens

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