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The Raveonettes Quotes

“We sound like a big melting pot of everything we always thought was really great,”
Rose Wagner

“I guess it was being influenced by the Dogme movement that came out of Denmark at the time,”
Rose Wagner

In Denmark we are very, how do you say it? Everybody’s so well educated and everything’s just so straight and nice, you know? It’s that thing that’s so great about the U.S. It’s not nice. It’s so ugly and greasy (laughs). Then again, it’s the whole vitality of the big cities like New York and L.A. Also, we like a lot of music that came from here and the literature. We’re fascinated by it so we like to visit it, but we wouldn’t want to be living in the States.
Sharin Foo

I really prefer not to talk about these things. I’m completely embarrassed about my own country and the government’s support of Bush’s…aggressive politics. I think it’s very embarrassing for us who are a really socialistic and democratic country. Actually, with The Raveonettes, we try to be an escape from the realities of the real world.
Sharin Foo

It’s really a quite hypnotizing wall of sound of the new generation, I think. There’s a lot of distortion and then there’s a lot of sweetness and melody with really good songs and music. It’s that whole tension between…how do you say it? It’s like you have this whole noisy thing going on with the really mellow double vocals on the top. We kind of like the differences in the music.
Sharin Foo

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