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Raven Symone Quotes

I'm very fortunate to have parents who have kept me grounded, so I hopefully won't end up in a bad situation when I grow up.

I'm not as mean to my parents as she is to hers, so I had to go into a different mode. I mushed together how my friends feel and I feel about growing up, then added a bit of a mean streak.
Raven (about her character in Dr DoLittle)

He's a very funny and very nice man. When you read the script, you want to stick with it. But when you're with Eddie Murphy you've got to improvise. He's always making jokes and making me crack up when the camera's on.

My parents are my role models. I also love Halle Berry, Robert DeNiro, Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez. When I see their work, I get engulfed in it. They really capture me.

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