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Itís unfinished business whether itís conquering a planet or calling it a day, you know? Iím way too busy to even think about it, but Behind the Music is a good call, and itís a good thing. We accomplished a lot, and it was an important time. There was all this color and danger and excitement present in the 80ís while the 90ís just gave you depression. Pardon the pun, but what goes around comes around in this business --itís a vicious cycle. To me, itís very healthy. Itís funny too that some bands who were just on the coattails of the movement back in the day probably have their videos played more now than they did then.
Stephen Pearcy

I write songs about what is around me. Itís not all ďhey, babyĒ--but the girly shitís good too. There are some topics I like to dwell on, but in the end, itís just music. A lot of people do or have taken it a little too seriously. Nowadays, it is a whole different planet, but there have to be parts of that time that people either want to relive or maybe they just werenít around or missed it the first time.
Stephen Pearcy

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