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The Rasmus Quotes

"We had a real surprise for everybody! We had, like, 200 people, it was really dark in the surroundings of an old mansion. So there was this little stage, and everyone was expecting us to play a boring acoustic set on that small stage. Then, all of a sudden, the bombs start flashing, and there were thunder-rolls coming down and you could see this huge square and there was like 150 metres to this big stage at the end!"
Lauri Ylönen

"I like the Finnish mentality - they are very honest and very...rude!"
Lauri Ylönen

"We have been away from Finland so much, with all the success abroad, it's just so good to have all this support from the Finnish fans. I miss Finland a lot - the more we have been travelling, the more I started to respect my home country.
Lauri Ylönen

We couldn't change because of that one show. We've been together for eleven years, so we have quite a strong @#$%& feeling about what we're doing! That kind of thing, it puts you down for a week or something, but then you realise what it's all about.
Lauri Ylönen

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