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Brett [Gurewitz] gave us our first break and he and the guys from Epitaph supported us and did everything for us that was possible.
Lars Frederiksen

Dealing with the press is a double edged knife. You know, if you believe their euphoria and you get a high, if it pushes you, then a couple of stupid rumors get you down. So the best thing is to ignore it all, because nobody can really take it for a long time.
Lars Frederiksen

You know there are countless rumors and we get accused of not really being punk anymore and all the mags and fanzines have the self-righteous approach, just like they’re the ones who invented punk. Big @#$%& deal, we don’t give a shit about it. Why should we? To add some unnecessary complication in our lives? Who needs it?
Lars Frederiksen

Tim and I produced the debut album of Union 13 for Epitaph, and I produced the Dropkick Murphy’s and Tim the Gadjits for his Hellcat label....
Lars Frederiksen

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