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I think it would have been fair if the press would have asked us about it instead of spreading rumors that we are fascists, Nazis and God knows what. I think that is a terrible way of abusing the power of the media.
Richard Kruspe

We use visual elements such as pyrotechnics to enrich the music and enrich the show. So it becomes more theatrical.”
Richard Kruspe

The political aspect, they tried to make us political and it's really strange if they're trying to find something political just for the sake of it, just for the sake of being able to ban us. It's media hysteria.

There aren't many guitar-focused albums people listen to -- I mean listen to them from the first to the last song.

“When we were writing the song there was a chorus in there that was in English; we didn’t set out to write the whole thing in English, but we liked it when we heard it, so basically we just kept going…”

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