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"I never sold drugs or nothing. but coming up in the hood I knew the code of the streets. I was in the hood since a young kid, man. And I was very observant. I watched how everybody did they thing. It wasn't cool to talk about what went on on the block. Especially on a record."

"I had people that was close to me that was doing what they do. I respect him for doing what he got to do, I'll let him know if it ain't good, but still I respect that man he got to get his food. I got people that's close to me was doing real things in the streets. For me to get on the mic and start talking about certain things.

I didn't want to extort the streets. I didn't want to extort the hood, my dudes, or hip-hop. So I try to just keep it real, but at the same time it is a limitation. A lot of people today respect me for that, cause they call it, I didn't give up the street codes.

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