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Rage Against The Machine Quotes

“Zack even surpassed himself with his lyrics. On our first album the lyrics sounded a bit like slogans, on Empire they sounded a bit like a history book, but now he sounds more personal, more emotional than he ever did."
Tom Morello

"We used a lot of weird instruments and amps, and we used (all the) technical equipment the studio could offer. I could even use my ten coolest guitar riffs. Basically, we all could work on our parts and do with them what we liked best."
Tom Morello

It was a slap in the face for artists like us who ride the bull of major labels in order to disseminate our messages on a wider scale that when you become too threatening they're more than happy to slap you down. You know, the First Amendment doesn't mean jack to Time-Warner when it comes to the ethical dictates of their board of directors.
Tom Morello

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