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I used to book the DJs, lighting, bands, everything. I couldn’t get a DJ that I really liked, but it was alright for me. I was always going away with New Order and Quando Quango and I was always going away to New York. ‘Love Tempo’ by Quando Quango was really big in the Paradise Garage. We actually did a PA there, when Larry Levan was DJing. I went to the Loft, and I was gobsmacked by it all, because I was just this little scally. So I went back to the Haçienda and I was ‘this is what it’s got to be like’. So I pulled out the microphone; this is the future, you know. 
Mike Pickering

I met Rob Gretton at 16-years-old. We were Manchester City supporters, and we got chased by a load of Nottingham Forest supporters in Nottingham. I just jumped in a garden and hid behind a hedge and he did the same thing. That was it then. We were best mates. He managed Joy Division and New Order, though he was a DJ at the time. 
Mike Pickering

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