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Over time the band has become more and more spread out. Lee and myself live in South Jersey, Justin lives in Delaware and our latest addition Jason lives all the way up in Rochester, New York. The band members are not exactly down the street from each other anymore. :P
Erik Shute

I love when people ask this question because this is something alot of the newer Pyrexia fans don’t know. Pyrexia has been around since 1992, when they released the demo Liturgy of Impurity with Chris Basile and Guy Marchais being the founders. Then came the rare and out of print Sermon of Mockery album in 1993.
Erik Shute

All of PYREXIA’s lyrics (with the exception of Sermon of Mockery), are based on real life events. For instance, “Bludgeoned By Deformity” is based on the Vietnam war, “Confrontation” and “GFYS” are about Louis Farahkan. “Closure” is about drug addiction, “Ode To Brinn” is a story about my father. He left when I was 1. He used to beat my mother, cheat, and was an alcoholic. Finally, after 9 years or so of me wishing his death, he finally choked and had a heart attack at the age of 48.
Erik Shute

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