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"I had twelve years of meeting a fantastic group of very talented creative people and I hope to count myself as one of them"
Alaura O’Dell

From the age of six to twenty-five I lived in an area of London known as Hackney. It was quite a poor working class area of London. On the weekends and after school I worked in a supermarket known as Tescos. A photo of the shop ended up on the back cover of one of the TG albums. Gen would come in and talk to me. In retrospect I'm not sure why he was really interested in a sixteen year old, he was 29, I suppose I was cute!
Alaura O’Dell

In terms of influence I think Gen wrote his best love songs to me including Stolen Kisses and Just Drifting. I've heard many people say that PTV never sounded the same without my sound collages- which I played like a musical instrument. I thought my intuition with sounds and mixes really added to the total musical element of Psychic TV and although there were some really talented musicians in PTV like Fred Giannelli and Matthew Best. Having a woman with a good ear and wonderful intuition added to the musical content.
Alaura O’Dell

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