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It was a total fluke, very unplanned. Jay and I got in a room thinking we were going to write a song and pitch it to another artist, and we came up with this song ďWhen I think of youĒ, and we just decided t stay there and wrote a bunch of songs and liked it, so we stuck with it. Jay came up in Toronto and we finished it here.

James plays Milo, Jay plays Simon

Basically we worked on this tv show with Disney for Simon and Milo, which took about a year, then we dropped it because we didnít like where it was going. Then we met up with Fefe Dobson and signed her to Lefthook and just decided to take a break from Simon and Milo for a while.

Itís all based on experiences that either Jay or I have either gone through or are going through. I think everyone can relate to relationships going bad or whatever, but simon and milo get to do things that we havenít done, or go places we havenít gone.

Jay is not married, I am. Iíve been in a great relationship for a while, which is why I think itís Simon that goes through most of the heartbreak whereas Milo is mostly there for support.

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