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We had a very smooth transition, mainly for the reason that we didn't 'set out' to do it that way. As you just mentioned, Project Wyze originally began as a hip-hop group, and we did that for years - all the way from 1988 up until 1994. We did strictly hip-hop shows with bands like Public Enemy and Maestro (Fresh Wes). Around 1994 we (me and Bobby) got a little tired with the whole hip-hop scene; we didn't like the direction in which it was heading. We wanted to be more creative and venture into other directions.
Yas Taalat

I like the idea of a live band: the whole guitar and heavy drums aspect to it. When you're making beats and doing strictly hip-hop, you're working with samples and you're working off drum kits. Having the whole rock thing creates, especially on stage, this energy and adrenalin that you can't really get out of a DAT machine. Our albums are dope, and the music we record is dope, and it's heavy and it's punchy and it gets you pumped, but to see us live is a whole other story.
Yas Taalat

Bobby and I are skilled: we've being doing this (hip-hop) for a long time, every since we were 12 or 13 years old. We've played with some legends, guys like Chuck D (from Public Enemy) and whatnot.
Yas Taalat

We consider ourselves more than simply MCs or rappers…we consider ourselves poets, because we really care about our lyrics and what we write about.
Yas Taalat

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