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Project Pat Quotes

"They've got a program where they gotta make sure you got a job, make sure you have a place to live ... and eventually they put you on home confinement,"

"I'm not rushing, I just got out. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm just gonna stay focused, but we got something hot for you coming out, of course."

"I felt like even though I did wrong, I didn't feel like I deserved all the time. But I'm not the judge nor am I the jury, so I just have to accept it and I've accepted it and I've moved on with my life and that's in the past now. But as far as the rhymes and all that, I mean we gonna keep something that the people gonna respond to. My style is telling tales and all that and my rhymes have always had somewhat of a message to them, but I think now, being locked away, I have a deeper message now."

"Sometimes the messages I put out are somewhat of that [street] nature, but the thing is, that's not the person, it's just like an actor or something, It's just like when Wesley Snipes is not [the character he played in] 'New Jack City,' but a lot of people get it twisted. They think, 'That's that guy. That's that dude. That's how he roll.' But man, that's definitely not how I roll. I believe in God. I'm a Christian. ... People always trying to stereotype people because of their job."

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