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But again, it's the record company. If they don't want to promote a song, they don't make the effort to cross it over into other markets, and the fans don't get to know it. It's the same with my albums.

Charlie Chaplin started having kids at 60-just decided he wanted to have kids then. I still feel the same as I've always felt. Better now, because I'm happier.

Do you know how many of my songs I own? Not a single one. Out of 16 albums, not a single one. They won't belong to my children. I won't be able to pass them on to my grandchildren. They belong to someone else. Why? It's my music.

I always used to cuss onstage... Now I've learned that that's not necessary.

I went to see the Jackson Five when I was a kid, and they all wore flat shoes and it didn't work.

I'm much more comfortable with doing interviews now because I'm harder to misquote. Everything I'm about is freedom of choice and knowing what the truth can do.

In the early years when I toured, I was never a tourist. I was always so focused on the show. I just wanted to tear it up and get out of town.

Now there's no one to go and see. Where are the young ones coming along to whoop us up? Who is there to go and see? Fem 2 Fem?

On the next tour I'm gonna do, it's gonna be more of a revue-type thing with all good acts. The show might start at four o'clock in the afternoon. There'd be Mavis, Maceo, Lenny, Santana, and the Family Stone and us. I just want to be around people that are about positivity.

We don't celebrate birthdays like we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Because you're told you're supposed to retire at a certain age.

What if I don't want to sing Purple Rain every time I go on stage? The fans don't want that, either. It's my music, they're my songs.

Why does there have to be a soundcheck? I don't have a songcheck. You don't have a clothescheck.

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