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"we hope people start vibing back into the clubs? and “get their swagger back on with the hips?

This ya boy Pleasure, I provide pleasure for all the ladies in need of pleasure. I bring the singing to the group.?

“This ya boy Spectacular, I bring the dancing,?

“This ya boy Slick Em, the wild man of the clique. I bring the…? “Bring the pain!?

“I (Baby Blue) bring that freak-nastiness to the group. That over triple X-rated, passionate lover, passionate sex,?

“Basically, one thing about Pretty Ricky is that we got both sides of the fans. Some groups they only have the look, but they don’t have the songs, or the attitude, or the stage presence. People just like how they look and that’s it. With Pretty Ricky, we got the look, we got the songs, we got the stage performance, the attitude; we take that extra step. And we more street, we more ghetto.?

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