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We started up again about 2 years ago for no particular reason, some guys in Seattle asked us to do some little show here and it turned out to be a lot of fun, and we kept doing shows. It wasnít until last spring that we decided to do a record. As far as timing, there wasnít any reason to choose the time to get back together, it just happened.
Jason Finn

I already knew Dave, kind of a convoluted thing; I went to high school with some guys, and not all the same thing, if you know what I mean. Dave sister used to go out with the guy I used to live with, and then Dave introduced me to Chris. Itís all way back, kind of a long story.
Jason Finn

It just popped out of Chrisís mouth one night at a party where he was. I wasnít there, but there was a jam session, he sort of grabbed a guitar, took charge of the thing, and started saying random words. It was about the third thing he said, and the 8 stoned people or so who were in the room were like chuckles and he knew he was onto something.
Jason Finn (on band name)

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