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Well we really haven't been part of the Sub Pop explosion and we've been banned from all the local clubs, so we couldn't go out and play with those bands. Not that we really needed to, but it was good to play in a Portland club to a Portland crowd for the first time in a couple of years.
Steve Hanford

In 1980 there wasn't speed metal, crust core, death metal, death core, death rock... all that shit is just sub-genres of sub-genres. It was pretty cut and defined in 1980. You played heavy metal, or you played cover hard rock like Styx and shit like that, or you played punk rock. That's all there really was. Now it's fuckin' factionalized, You can decide to put out a record, imitate your favorite band, and do it. Back then there were a lot less bands to imitate. In record stores back then there was one bin for punk rock, one for experimental stuff like Lydia Lunch and the like. Now you can fill a whole record store with that shit.
Pig Champion "Tom Roberts"

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