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We are working hard to make our music available in your local store, and we'll report of any progress here on our website. Meanwhile, you can order our CDs online from the webshops listed on the Shop page. You can also visit your local store, and ask if they can import our CDs.

Our plan is to make a Finnish website too - as soon as time, resources and technical details allow. Our current website is in English because English is the language understood by most of our visitors.

Uh, a load of them, Pink Floyd, Steve Vai, Metallica, the whole Seattle grunge thing, classical composers, thank you very much... Live, Madonna, Tori Amos... even Def Leppard in the Hysteria days, and of course U2 has had great influence on us... does that answer your question... I'd also like to thank Bill Watterson for the Calvin and Hobbes comics. After reading them I was ok with myself, since I knew I wasn't the only six year old in the world... ha ha ha...
Mark (on influences)

I think our tastes have broadened while simultaneously we've become more selective with what we actually like to hear. This has also influenced our own writing.

I tend to focus a lot on things that seem to be very common problems everywhere. I talk about love, about being humane and finding the right angle of looking at things to find solutions, I try to give hope and sometimes I'll state the obvious just so people wouldn't forget it, and of course there are always those who'll hear it from me for the first time.

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