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We've known Jason for seven or eight years, man. So we have a long history with him, we have a long friendship with him and his family. I can honestly say if Jason was not our guitar player, P.O.D. would not be together.

Basically just by seeing my parents, seeing their marriage restored and their lives restored by God. It wasn't something that I got all hyped up on in the church or at youth group or something like that. It was real life. I've seen my dad go from one direction to the next and it was something that impacted my life.

Everything that God did for us this last year and what He did with P.O.D. on this album gave us a voice and an opportunity to get in front of more people. Our music has always expressed our faith and how much we love God and what He's done for us.

You know, we didn't even have time for that, man. It's like desperate times call for desperate measures. The guys called me up and told me the situation, so we hit the ground running.

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