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It's really important to find some kind of balance in between style and music. Stupidity is all around
Vratislav Brabenec

I'm not very fond [of what's happening currently in Prague]. It's not that I don't like samples, technology, and beatboxing [Eva was in Milan Hlavsa's side project Madness which featured just such ideas and was also in DG 307], but I really don't like techno, jungle, or trip hop. There are, however, some young kids in Prague doing interesting things with old style instruments—kind of psychedelic.
Eva Turnová

Hlavsa wanted to introduce new technologies and electronics to the music. Even some kind of sampling. I have known Milan for 10 years and was with him before in Madness and DG 307 where he first worked on these ideas about modern techniques. But Vrati and Jiri did not want to do this. They wanted to stay true to the idea of PPU.
Eva Turnová

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