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Well, itís just who I am, you know? Its part of one of the ways I express myself through hard, heavy rock Ďní roll. Another way I express myself is striking out at the icons of a society thatís completely obsessed with conspicuous consumption. Give me money or give me action and Iíll take the action and adventure every time.
Wendy O. Williams

Iím still the same person Iíve always been. I canít say exactly what Iíll do; Iím an excessive person. Talk about violence-----I donít do anything violent. Talk about violence, whatís going on in Nicaragua? Whatís going on in El Salvador? Thatís violent. What are they doing to the planet with chemicals and acid rain? Thatís violent. What are people doing to each other? Raping. Thatís violent. Iím striking out at ac icon that has no life. Thereís a big difference between what has life and what doesnít. I mean. Iíve been a vegetarian for 16 years.
Wendy O. Williams

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