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Dude! The US owns like 80% of Canada's corporations. I mean, what the @#$%&? What more do you want?
Matt Collyer

My older brothers were into punk and ska in the late seventies like the Clash, Specials, English Beat, Sex Pistols, Ramones and even Elvis Costello. I knew the opening banter to Madness' "One Step Beyond" when I was two.
Matt Collyer

The first disk was done in Dave's apartment with 5 mics. It cost about 250 bucks and kinda sounds like it too. The new disk cost alot more but was @#$%& fun! We were in the studio for about 3 weeks working and trying new ideas. And we worked with Steven Drake - he did the Barenaked Ladies demo plus songs for Tragically Hip, the Odds and 54-40.
Matt Collyer

Actually, we've had some interesting experiences in England. We were there in October for two and a half weeks. It's just a weird place to tour. It's a small little island, and there's pockets of really great ska fans, and then there's some… empty pockets of bitter nothingness. What's your worst gig, Dave?

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