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[Prying open Leo's mouth.]
General Thade: Is there a soul in there?

Attar: Get your stinking hands off me, you damn dirty human!

Thade's Father: Damn them! Damn them all to hell!

Limbo: Can't we all just get along?

Thade's Father: Damn them!
General Thade: I will stop him, father.
Thade's Father: Damn them... damn them all to hell!

Tival: Apes are afraid of water. They can't swim.
Ari: We drown!
Daena: That is why every day we pray for rain.

Captain Leo Davidson: Never send a monkey to do a man's job.

Limbo: [emerging from his hiding place] Oh! It's over already? I was *just* about to make my move...

Captain Leo Davidson: How did the apes get this way?
Daena: What other way would they be?
Captain Leo Davidson: They would be begging me for a treat right now.

General Thade: Get me the spaceman!

Daena: What tribe are you from?
Captain Leo Davidson: United States Air Force, and I'm going back.

Captain Leo Davidson: Shut up! That goes for all species.

Ari: You know one day they'll tell a story about a human who came from the stars and changed our world. Some will say it was just a fairy tale, but, it was never real. But I'll know.

Tival: They all want to see this human who defies the apes.

Captain Leo Davidson: Our apes couldn't talk.
Ari: Maybe they chose not to... given the way you treated them.

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