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I think as I got older, itís easier for me to make music. Itís not as complex to write a song as it used to be. But itís still fun- I still get the same feeling when Iím writing a song. I still get all the excitement of the recording process, ya know what I mean?
Planet Asia

Aw man, I been runniní around promotiní, I got shows cominí up... I got a show in my hometown, one in Long Beach, one in the Bay Area, then Iím headiní out to the East Coast, ya know what Iím sayiní?
Planet Asia

It takes a lot for a person to go into a store and buy a CD, especially in 2007. It takes a lot of energy. And then you got the internet and mixtapes and s**t, so when they get to hear the rest of that garbage that you created for the rest of your album, theyíre like, ďOh. His s**t is trash. I only like that one song.Ē Thatís why itís not good to come out with super big singles all the time, Ďcause the expectations get too high.
Planet Asia 

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