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A lot of people actually do mistake me for a woman. I think thatís funny, and itís even more funny if theyíre homophobic, and it makes them think. I donít like that whole gender issue. Who cares what we are, our sex lives and who weíre doing? I prefer to think people like our music and donít give a damn about how we look.

I deliberately didnít write a remake of "Nancy Boy." It would have been too easy to fall into that trap. We didnít want to be limited, not that we wouldnít like the song anymore, but we developed, went forward, and we didnít want to be reduced to one hit. Too many bands do that. They take one hit and just do rewrites. Thatís lacking creativity. Apart from that, it would bore me to tears.

I like acting. I really do and I wish I could do it more often Ė at least Iím more qualified than Courtney Ė but still, I donít think I will have all that much time for it, you know, but itís something Iíll keep in mind. I need to do something creative, that was always my motivation. At the moment itís music, and the band has become my life, but there is always a possibility that I might go back to acting. After all, I graduated from drama school, Goldsmith College.

They make us to break us. You know they build up a band, kind of place them on a pedestal, just for the sake of pushing them down again. Sometimes itís even funny, especially if you follow it. The same rag, the same journalist can change his point of view 180 degrees within a month. A band who just was the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel is all of a sudden terrible. They canít play; theyíre unoriginal and theyíre simply shit.

We donít care about it, the whole hype and all that. Just the venues got a bit bigger and thatís it. Apart from that, nothing changed. Well, we do expect the press to turn around and lash at us. Itís about time. Too many people like us now, you know, but weíre not going to lose any sleep about it.

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