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Revolutions are celebrated when they are no longer dangerous.
Pierre Boulez 

We always have a reserve of compositions ready; we have our own bag full of scores, let' s say. When we are preparing the season, we know very well how much we can do: a certain number of concerts in this large hall, a certain number of concerts in this small hall, et cetera. We make the programs according to the size of the hall, and according also to the scores we have. If a score has to wait one year to be performed at a more suitable concert, it is better to wait one year.
Pierre Boulez 

The good side to popular music is that there is a vitality that is going into it; also, that popular musicians have no repertoire , so they are free from that, practically, even if they revive songs of the Beatles, things like that; that is not repertoire . Also, what I find the most interesting--sometimes--is the sound aspect. The sound aspect is completely new; they don' t use classical instruments, so they have to use electronic instruments, or electronically-manipulated instruments. So that is the interesting side. The side which I don' t like at all concerns the stereotypes and clichˇs: this language is absurdly full of clichˇs, it' s very simplistic, and after you have three minutes of it you have 33,000 minutes of it. But I like the vitality. I wish sometimes that the classical department would have as much vitality as one finds in the popular field.
Pierre Boulez

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