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Well singing is just part of Life. See, Iím a science guy since I was born. Iím an evolutionist; thatís what I do even with the semantics. I used to work at the LA County Museum in invertebrate paleontology when I was 12 until I was 18. I studied neurophysiology, too.
Phil Alvin

Some of what they're saying is true in that things are changing; record companies had to pay publishing mechanicals 'cause that's king's money, you can get that money with a long legal history. Record companies want to not have to pay so much mechanicals, so it's a fallacy that they're looking for new material. They don't care whether it's new or not; they're looking for something they don't have to pay a lot for. If your performance of the song brings life and meaning to the song, that's valuable to music, whether you wrote the song or not. If the repertoire you select imbibes people with a spirit that is deemed useful by them, that's important to music. Record companies don't necessarily reflect what's important to music. And nowadays I wouldn't even really be worried about record companies.
Phil Alvin

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