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"Nightlife" is probably the most produced album we have ever done, collaborating with different producers. On this new album we all wanted to do it ourselves, which has resulted in a more pure kind of Pet Shop Boys.
Neil Tennant

In general, when I write lyrics I always try to confront the good and the bad side of life. It is not all written with a romantic glow. I try to write away from clichés. So many pop songs nowadays are just clichés, really. I try to get away from that and confront the truth, which is good and bad.
Neil Tennant

In this tour, it will be the first time we present the Pet Shop Boys as musicians. Before we were always very interested in combining music and theater. That has pretty much been in all of our live shows. We have also chosen smaller venues to create a more personal setting with the audience.
Neil Tennant

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