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I think out of all the places in the world I've played, the Argentinean crowd is the closest to the Spanish / Ibiza crowd. And then when I played the South American Music Conference it was great. It was well-attended, and I thought that in their first year it was great. I had a few issues with the technical way it was set up - for some reason, even though I was top of the bill, I ended up playing the side room instead of the main room, I don't know why that was, but other than that I thought the event was good.
Pete Tong

I remember growing up in London and probably one of the most notorious fires was actually at a house party in South London, and that changed a lot of things concerning how clubs were licensed, fire limits and fire law etc. What Buenos Aires is experiencing now is probably a very severe knee-jerk reaction to try and correct things. I'm sure most people that go to clubs in Buenos Aires would feel that 90% of what's being done is unfair, but that's what happens. It's tough. I didn't realize until I got here that Pachá was still closed.
Pete Tong

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