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Nowadays, Iím kind of jaded. I still go back to my old influences like Paul Graves from The Damned, Geeza Butler from Black Sabbath.
Randy Bradbury

All time favorite? I like "Unknown Road", but then I also like "Living for Today". I like songs off the very first CD, that I had nothing to do with. There are 3 or 4 songs on there that are ultimate.
Randy Bradbury

We all grew up at the beach surfing and there were many days when you would get the report that you canít go in the water because itís polluted and filthy and youíll get Hepatitis and the waves would be really good so we would go out surfing anyways and then you would have to get a shot in the butt, which really hurt bad.
Fletcher Dregge

It would be, follow your heart. Play the kind of music you want to play, donít follow a trend. There are so many bands that, boom, this is popular right now, nu metal is popular right now, so letís be nu metal. Emo is popular right now, letís be this, letís be ska.
Fletcher Dregge

Doing what we want to do, making up our own rules and sticking to them, play the kind of music we want to play. A lot of critics will say that itís the same old shit, they havenít changed their style at all but weíre not trying to change our style at all because Pennywise fans are Pennywise fans because they donít want to hear us sound like Blink 182 or Bob Marley.
Fletcher Dregge

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