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Peggy Seeger Quotes

Iím not much of an authority on whatís happening in America. I really havenít been here long enough. Ewan MacColl and I didnít do festivals. Because we didnít like the ďstop-start,Ē ďstop-startĒ thing that goes on in festivals. I compare it to greyhound racing. You know, the gun goes and you have 5 minutes to do your bit and thatís it. Generally, I prefer concerts. Iíve been doing festivals because I think itís an important discipline to have. And, probably apart from anything else, it gives me a chance to hear other performers, which I love to do.
Peggy Seeger

The U.S. media has not given me much airtime. I hope to remedy that. I donít know that Iím popular stuff. My songs have a lot of words. And some of them take a lot of thinking about. I think Iím probably not ďsensationalĒ enough. Iím not ďsmoothĒ enough. I donít know. Thereís something that Iím ďnot enough of.Ē
Peggy Seeger

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