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These are the rich people, right?! They have all the luxuries, right?! Looks to me, they are the farthest from the stage, and they're behind a fuckin window!

You know, I messed up in the middle of that song... You heard that? It's cause right in the middle, I had my mouth on the mic, and I realized, from the opening band, this microphone was on that @#$%& guy's penis, and his ass... and it was in my... So I got a little distracted there, sorry... (Barcelona, Spain 2000 Tour)

"Police in Roskilde have exonerated concert management and blamed an unruly audience for the deaths, but in response to reports that a preliminary investigation found the band] morally responsible, ... We feel that we are 'morally responsible' to bring out the truth with regard to what happened that night.?

"When something this disastrous occurs, when this many lives are lost, it is essential that every aspect be examined thoroughly and from all angles, ... To date, we don't feel this has been done.?

"it was exciting that the world was taking notice of what was happening in our backyard ? whether or not the music was the kind that I really cared for.?

“We tried, we tried. There were so many tears shed. If you don't have either of those guys on the box, the patient is hemorrhaging.?

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