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“We take pride in the unique craftsmanship - it's elegant and it's flashy.”

“I've been working in the studio with T Farris, who A&Red my first album and also Mike Jones' album. We're pumping out a lot of hits with Houston producers.”

“Those were some of the best seasons that we had. Hopefully the same trend will happen again this year.”

“were so far away they had no idea of the impact we were making. They saw the music as local music that would never break out.”

“Lil' Flip just proved to people that although this style is different and they might not understand it, it's working. So that drew a lot of attention to the rest of us in Houston.”

“When ?Still Tippin? ? started picking up, it was like, ?Yeah, we got our foot in the door. But we?re not comfortable with just this. We want to go through it and bring a bunch of people with us.”

“I always wanted a grill, but I couldn't afford one. So I hooked up with the guy who made them. I brought him so much clientele that he had me open my own store and we ended up going into a partnership together.”

“You're working with such limited space, it's not really possible,”

“You want it to still look classy and elegant - as much as it can look, anyway. It is still kind of gaudy, but you don't want it to be extreme.”

“We're still trying to figure out ways to put diamonds on the braces but, as of right now, we haven't really found a way so the braces are still effective and on par hygienically, ... We definitely don't want to bump heads with the [American] Dental Association.”

What it do baby, don't leave me hangin baby

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