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Patrick Dahlheimer Quotes

"To be honest, we don't know what's going to happen when we make a record, we never do, That's one of the cool things. We didn't have any idea what the record was going to be like until we recorded all the songs. We never have been able to tell where we could go. We don't sit around and think about it. When we write songs they just come out. We don't discuss them. they just come out they way they come out. It's simply a natural way to do it."

"It does open a lot of doors. That's one thing that makes it attractive to me. It's like a little sample, it's almost like a teaser to me. It kind of makes me want to go right back into the studio because I know there's so much potential, but we've got to tour so them's the breaks."

"You know, people have made a lot of conclusions about us based on maybe what they and the industry expects. For instance, this our third album and there's a general belief or school of thought that says the third album is the 'career record', the one that will kick you on to serious acceptance and success, that will establish you. I think that's kind of a broad statement. I don't think you can qualify anything in those terms.

"It's all about awareness and seeing what's going on around us. That's what came from Live's path. I try to stay as aware as I can. It's important to in this business and in life."

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