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This music...this is a very competitive game, man. This is a very competitive job. But we need to start taking it more like I play for the Atlanta Braves and Nas may play for the New York Yankees, you feel me? They go in, they play each other, and they leave it on the field. When we get a better understanding of doing it like that, man, I think it'll be all cool.

The new record, man, Pastor Troy, Universal Soldier...off the chain, man. It's just a lot of maturity, you know, a lot more development in this album. What an album's supposed to be. I'm not supposed to be doing the same thing I did four years ago, you feel me? We're just expanding, man, trying to take advantage of the whole nation, everything that we can.

Oh, man, I just remember that song from growing up. I remember Hulk Hogan waving the flag and everything, man. It just had the United States looking like the strongest place in the world, you know what I mean?

I just hooked up with Xzibit last weekend. That was cool with me, because I know he's going to hook me up with Dr. Dre, he's going to hook me up with Eminem. Those are some good boys to be dealing with, with the kind of music I do. I'm trying to cross over. So I'm satisfied, man. I think I'm heading in the right direction as far as who I want to get to. It's all in time.

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