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Basically, we started out as a couple of guys jammin’ in the garage in high school, you know. We’re from Vacaville, California, which is a small town near Sacramento, and pretty much Jacoby and I are the two founding members of the band, like, we were friends before the band started, and one day we were just kinda hanging out and he knew I played drums and he wanted to play bass or something like that and one day we were on the phone, and we were like, "Hey dude, let’s start a band."
Dave Buckner

We’ve done the who independent thing. We did…we had a lot of help from our manager Brett…um, we’ve gone up and down California I don’t even know how many times…touring,
Jerry Horton

It’s actually our singer’s great grandfather, on his step-dad’s side. Their family last name is Roatch, R-O-A-T-C-H. And Papa Roatch is Jacoby’s step-dad’s granddad.
Jerry Horton

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