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Yeah, all I wanted to say was that we’ve been in the scene with those guys for a very long time, like 6 or 7 years now…and we totally respect them and their talents…. and we were never trying to insidiously slander anybody.
Daniel Brummel

It’s also kind of damaging to us, because it makes us more self conscious, and it makes us really want to establish our own originality and individuality, and I think as a result our next album may be a little bit of a departure from the sound that we love, just for the sake of showing that we can do other things.
Daniel Brummel

Well, its actually getting kind of tough, because I do usually write on guitar and since I play bass in Ozma, a lot of the songs I write on guitar wind up being Contraband songs, because I write for myself as a guitarist. But, I love the bass, and I love Ozma, and I love writing with those guys, and that’s definitely still my main focus.
Daniel Brummel

I've been playing a lot of Perfect Dark and James Bond on the N64. But, old school, I always thought Blaster Master was a well-made game, even though it wasn't fun to play because I always died and never could figure out how to advance.

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