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It actually didnít start out to be an anniversary tour. I left Skynyrd at the end of last year and decided I wanted to put the Outlaws back together. I had nine great years with Skynyrd, theyíre all great friends of mine, I love them dearly and I left on good terms with them. So thatís how that started. I called our old manager, Charlie Brusco, and he thought it was a good idea. He helped me get in touch with the other members because I didnít have all the numbers. So we had a meeting at Charlieís house in January and decided we were going to put the band back together and pick up where we left off, touring, making records- well CDs now- and finish what we started because it sort of felt like we left things undone. 
Hughie Thomasson

We were even talking in Skynyrd that maybe one day the Outlaws and Skynyrd would play together again but that never materialized. But at any rate, we got the band back together and weíve got all the original members together with the exception of Billy and Frank, who both passed away. 
Hughie Thomasson

In Skynyrd I didnít do much singing. I did background singing and I sang on one Christmas song. Where as with the Outlaws, I do quite a bit of singing. And guitar playing wise, with the stuff that the Outlaws play our guitar work is a little bit quicker, a little faster. Where Skynyrd is more melodic and more melody oriented. 
Hughie Thomasson

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