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André 3000 on the group's beginnings: "Our very first name was Two Shades Deep and my first rap name was Black Wolf. He was Black Dog."

"Hip-hop is dead right now--honestly, that's my opinion of it." declares Dre. "Hip-hop is at the same point right now where the blues was when it changed into rock 'n' roll, or where jazz was when it changed into bebop so we need to push it into new areas."
Andre 3000

André 3000 on Erykah Badu, mother of his 5 year-old son: "I think she's a great person. But I don't think she's the one for me…I think it would be better for another person to motivate her to do certain things."

Big Boi on the new Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album: "Put 'em together, they make this. But take 'em apart? Damn, it's still crazy!"

"When we make music, we don't settle for the basics, which is what most people settle for. More than anything, what we bring to the game is freedom."
Big Boi

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