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Itís been crazy man, but weíre getting through it.

For the band it's really hard to focus in on any of that stuff. I think it's great and people get mad at me because I really do not care about that, I'm just really focused on this record and playing it live. I love this record.

That kind of happens with every record. Gravity is getting a lot more success so itís turning a lot more people onto us and there are those who never heard of us before. So its all part of it.

The album is really a result of us playing in a room together. You canít expect everyone to love it, but I think more people who love and that is amazing. For those who think itís too simple then I guess that is their problem.

Yeah, and weíve never been played much on MTV before. Itís always been a big thing in Canada so weíve been used to that. There is a reason why we spend a lot of money on videos (Laughs); I mean we really want people to see them. To this point they havenít really seen them on MTV.

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