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The first concert I ever went to was Santana, and when I was fifteen I listened to “Lotus” with “Samba Pa Ti “ so I covered that one. And the other one that really stuck in my head from my teenage years was “Albatross”, because Peter Green and Santana play melodies which stick in your head, they never play to impress. The conga player in his band told me “ The only thing that counts is express, not impress” , and he is a very heavy player but he is always supporting the music. It was really great to go full circle after twenty years, from being inspired hearing “Samba pa Ti” the first time to playing it with him on stage. 
Ottmar Liebert

The Picato was really easier than the Rasqueados (these are the Flamenco strums) because they are very unnatural motions for the hands to make. I worked on them for every day for a couple of years. I recently had a studio musician in New York tell me about several recordings by famous classical guitarists of Rodrigos Concerto De Aranjas , and they would keep a pick near their guitar for the passages requiring the Rasqueados because they didn’t have that technique. 
Ottmar Liebert

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