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I find that I felt better in my own country. America's like a second country for me for sure, but Brazil always gave me so much, and it's not like I was just homesick, it's more than that. At that point, America gave to me everything that it could give to me. In terms of music, and musicianship, and all this, it was very hard for me to live in America and try to make my own work, because I was always on the road and playing with this guy or with these other guys. Being a signed man takes up too much time for you to be your own artist. And that was something that I couldn't live without. 
Sérgio Dias (about leaving New York)

It was kind of magic, really, because so many times so many people tried to make this thing happen. I think the complete reason is that things happen because they have to. It's not because you want to make a band that you are able to make one. For the Mutantes it is an accident. It is an act of God or whatever. It is something that does not happen every day. And I think now it's happening the same thing, but from what I've been observing, I think that the playing is going to be for the rest of the world, not just Brazil. This request didn't really come from Brazil. Especially the tour in the US, and all the things that are happening to us are pointing us outside Brazil. 
Sérgio Dias

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