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Oscar Lopez Quotes

My goal was to make a living and to understand this society. I suffered a lot the first year and just wanted to get the hell out of here. I wanted to go back. My goal was to find a job. Jobs I have never done before. Waiting for opportunity to come and it did. I started playing in bands - cover bands, rock n roll bands. I can you tell you this from my own experiences... if you start with the right reasons to play music, not to be the best, but from the heart and soul and if you are good at it… everything else will come easily if you have the talent. If you know how to work hard, especially for someone from another culture and I’m not trying to give myself credit but I worked hard. I worked my ass off you know, to be where I am. 
Oscar Lopez

I am proud of all the songs but there is one song that I really do love and it gives me goose bumps and that is “Buddy Where You Been?” and also “Storm". And for me, I am proud of those 2 songs. These songs touch something inside; the lyrics move me and grab my heart. Don’t ask me why, they just do.
Oscar Lopez

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