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No, it’s a complete de-parture from anything we’ve done before. We just mixed it down last weekend, it was done in a small studio in Melville, New Jersey by a fellow named Roy Ketchum, who I think is the drummer in The Melt-ing Hopefuls. It’s a total departure, very laid-back and introspective; there’s 14 cuts and maybe 10 of then could be classified as ballads, but not your sappy kind of ballad - these are kinda desper-ate ballads. I was aiming for an album like ‘The Basement Tapes’ or something like that, and there’s a couple that are complete wig-outs too, just thrown in. It’s sup-posed to come out as two separate CDs released as one package, one called ‘Bethlehem - My Home Town’ and the other one called ‘Turn You On’. I’m gonna try to make it a spectacular event as opposed to just another CD. We’re gonna give you two totally differ-ent CDs in one package for the price of one. I’d rather do one CD, but that’s their ball-game.
John Terlesky (about 1996 album)

At that time, right after the Bar None release, we had a man-ager for about 5 years. He said “hey, you guys can do better than this, I’ll get you on a major label...” and being the callow youths we were we believed him! Ap-proaches were made and Peter said “yeah, I’ll do it” and he did it for nothing. He didn’t do a whole lot, but he lent his name for which we were really grateful. He helped shape the sound and I got to play his guitars but it was really John Keen who produced that more than Pete.
John Terlesky (about Peter Buck)

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