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I would describe us a band that has been around in Brazil for years, defending social policies and doing voluntary work. We're a band that tries to play in as many places as possible so that the fans can understand that yes, we play music, but also that we're here to do things that politicians aren't doing. I think that the English public might find our sound similar to Asian Dub Foundation - it's very important that even if they can't understand the language, people understand how seriously we take our role as singers and that we are a band that sings from the heart. We don't adopt the attitude of – how can I put it – liars or hypocrites. Our position is that of a band who carry in our hearts the fact that we come from a Third World country, that we suffer from hardships - especially coming from the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is going through one of the longest civil wars in the world. These are things that you feel on the street - we don't come from rich areas, we come from backgrounds in the suburbs, and we always try to be close to those people that try to be more than just a band, like Asian Dub Foundation, who have a social and voluntary outlook, and are activists.
Marcelo Falcão

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