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Me and Andy met in 3rd year English at school, via a common friend, (Paul Wilkinson, by the way), but never really talked until the 4th year, when we sat together in Physics. We discovered a common interest in getting a band together, ZX Spectrums, psychic experiments (we used to spend lessons trying to move pens with our minds) and hyperventilation (also in lessons, we'd hold our breaths until we nearly fainted then snigger amongst ourselves). 
Dan Popplewell

At the height of Britpop, I was into Queen, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac. I got into them because they were entertaining, absorbing and delicate in their own ways. I also got into Jellyfish, Green Day and the Wildhearts, but never really felt comfortable with the kitsch overdose of St. Etienne.
Alan Kelly

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