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"J.D. Kimball , Passed away on Oct, 3rd, 2003 after a 3 year battle with cancer. I like many others did not know where J.D. had been or what he had been doing the past few years, but had hoped for the best. I was informed by his brother Bill Kimball, of his passing this morning and sincerely wished that I would have known that J.D. was ill. I would like to have had a chance to talk to him, I am not sure if he knew of the impact that he had on the world of heavy metal or if he knew how many young musicians that he influenced. I am extremely proud of the work that we did together, I remember the excitement that we felt when were writing and recording the first record, BattleCry, we thought we were going to rule the world. I don't know if we ever ruled the world of metal, but J.D.sure had a big impact on it. He will missed.
Sincerely, Kenny Powell".

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