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Oliver Mtukudzi Quotes

Itís the people. I get all of my inspiration from the people.
Oliver Mtukudzi

My music is a fusion of different rhythms of Zimbabwe. We have jit, mbira, dandanda, mbukumba, katekwe--that's a rhythm of the north of Zimbabwe, the Zambezi Valley. Take "Muranda Kumwe." The basic laydown is mbukumba. But the electric guitar is playing the katekwe time on top of that mbukumba time." 
Oliver Mtukudzi

I feel happy and I feel honored that youngsters understand what I am doing. Some of them may think that [the music] is old fashioned, but if they fall for it and appreciate it, I am happy about that.
Oliver Mtukudzi

I donít see myself as a Shona. I am Zimbabwean. I even try to sing songs in Ndebele. I am not good in Ndebele. I sing in my broken Ndebele, because I am trying to get through to people. An artist is supposed to do that. They are there to represent themselves and everyone. Not just a certain dialect or language. 
Oliver Mtukudzi

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